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RC 2

Posted: 2/15/09 at 1:45:48 PM
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How do you save a ride that you made with the scenery. When I click on it it don't save the scenery>

Re: RC 2 by Pepe at 7/31/09 6:33:51 PM

I hope my help isn't too late for you. In case it is, just for the others:
When wanting to save a track with scenery you just need to click and HOLD the "save" button. Then a dropdown menu appears in which you can select the right setting for saving by releasing the mouse button. After that the game pauses and you can select the scenery piece after piece or auto-select nearby stuff. - RCT1 Scenarios Revisited

Re: RC 2 by msnyder344 at 8/1/09 2:41:01 AM

Hey, thanks a lot.