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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 help?!

Posted: 1/25/09 at 1:04:11 PM
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I've been playing RCT3 for a long while now and my computer crashed in the summer. It's now fixed but I had to reinstall RCT3. I also installed the Soaked and Wild expansion packs. But RCT3 didn't work so I took them off. I tryed to reinstall RCT3 again but it still doesn't work. It came up with this message in a window:

bad version:4
This error was also sent to Debug.log.
click ok click exit

After clicking one of those, it came up with this window:

The instruction at "0x008e68d4" referenced memory at "0x00000bb2." The memory could not be "written."
Click ok to terminate the program.
Click cancel to debug the program.

These windows always came up when RCT3 tried to start and I have no idea what they mean. I've tried installing and reinstalling RCT3 multiple times but the same thing keeps coming up. I've done everything I could do with my computer to try and fix it but nothing works. I'm very frustrated and I've also had a lot of trouble with the expansion packs. Please help!