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rct 1 r&d development

Posted: 11/15/08 at 5:02:05 PM
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i heard there was a cheat that you could make development go faster by renaming guests 1 & 2 to e=mc2 and e=mc3, but i can't find them!! my guest numbers start at ten or higher
can someone tell me where to guests one and two?

thank you

Re: rct 1 r&d development by Nightfire264 at 11/18/08 7:19:57 PM

I just looked through a few parks and couldn't find guest 1 or 2 either. Did you find the cheat online or just hear about it? Check cheat code websites, they might have more information.

Re: rct 1 r&d development by Var3n at 11/19/08 5:09:37 AM

i found it on internet.
it just says find the first two guests

Re: rct 1 r&d development by Longway at 12/31/08 6:26:03 AM

With regard to visitors numbered 1 and 2, which are both needed to perform the E=MC² cheat. I tried several times, beginning new parks each time and hitting the pause button as soon as only two visitors had entered the park. Visitor number one never came into the park at any time. The first one to enter the park had a higher number like 3 or 5 or any single digit number and as soon as all the new ones were coming in, the single digit visitors soon were replaced by higher numbers that the new comers had been assigned. I am thinking that somebody is having a good laugh over this (possibly bogus) cheat.