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Roller Coaster Tycoon 1...Help....please

Posted: 11/2/08 at 12:39:33 PM
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I'm stuck on the 4th park ( Diamond Heights) The GOAL is to finish year 3 with a park value of at lest $20, 000. (something like that)

So how do I make my park value go up?

Thanks a bunch.

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 1...Help....please by Greg_P at 11/3/08 10:17:36 PM

I was stuck on Diamond Heights a long time too, but all of a sudden, I figured out how to beat it. First, you'll need lots of handymen (15-20 make sure they don't mow lawns), about 10 mechanics, and 10-15 security gaurds. In that water area, there's lots of room for a large roller coaster. Build one, but don't build an inverted roller coaster; guests tend to get scared due the the nausea rating. In the large roller coaster, you can make a water slide or a shuttle loop. Then, you can play around; you can make the rest of your park thrill rides, or roller coasters. Make sure your gate fee is about $15! As guests complain about how cheap your gate fee is, gradually raise it $5 more each time. Also, as more ride lines get longer, set the prices for the ride 50c more, or even $1 more if there's a lot of people! Around late August year 3, you SHOULD have 19k+ in your park value. If you don't have 20k+ park value by October 25th, your park is pretty much a failure even though you have 6 days left.

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 1...Help....please by Nightfire264 at 11/15/08 2:58:59 AM

Park value is based on how may rides and attractions you have. I would build a lot of thrill rides, and then many small coasters. I like to build ones with Powered Launch mode or Reverse Incline, because they are cheap and short, and attract lots of guests.

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 1...Help....please by 19kylegreer96 at 6/13/09 2:58:03 PM

here is a tip that could be taken as a cheat. Charge the ride the exitement rating. Eg, I have a rollercoaster with an exitement rating of 7.83 charge the ride at £/$ 7.90 (round up to nearsest whole number) and build lots and lots of rides. You should have the money to do this with the high charge for rides wich guests WILL pay. Build lots of rides like i said untill your park value hits 20,000. Build another ride evrey so often to keep the rating up and you should beat the levle alough you could use the beacs trainer and cheat by falsley winning the levle at