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RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D

Posted: 10/26/08 at 7:43:00 AM
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am i the only one that prefers the old 4 view 2D game to the new curved plain 3D? not only is it more demanding but its inconvenient when following someone and the top of a coaster fills the screen.

Re: RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D by Dandelion at 11/3/08 8:44:22 PM

can u help me? I just got rtc2 and under the tab where u can build walls n roofs n stuff it wont let me put the roof on top of anything. either it places it on the ground which is useless or it tells me that the structures are in the way even though ive rearranged them many different ways....plz help

Re: RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D by smegskull at 11/4/08 1:57:12 PM

yeh thats easy just get it in position on the ground square then hold (shift or Ctrl (cant remember off head)) and move the mouse forward and back to lift it up and down (u can even build stuff under ground using this.

Re: RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D by Nightfire264 at 11/15/08 1:41:25 AM

I agree. I think RCT2 has a way better interface and is easy to see what's going on and get around the park.

Re: RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D by smegskull at 11/15/08 8:38:09 AM

this isnt the first game to make this mistake either. its been done in Stronghold2 and sim city4. im not saying 3Dis bad for PC but it just doesnt work with RTS and company sim games.

Re: RCT3 3D vs RCT2 2D by VJ300 at 1/7/09 7:16:49 PM

I favor RCT1 over both RCT2 & 3. Mainly because RCT1 is the original, and you are limited to the rides you can build, along with land. While RCT2 is simlar its a little to much freedom, as you can pretty much unrestrict yourself, and some nice things werent taken from RCT1 and put into RCT2. Then RCT3 was the major downfall since It turned to far into a childs game, while demanding a really good computer and not giveing a good enough feel you were makeing a theme park.

I agree also on the SimCity4. While SimCity3000 was good, its graphics werent good enough, and it didnt give enough freedom, while SimCity4 gave both. As of after SimCity4, I believe they went 3D which never goes well.