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HELP rct delux razor rocks

Posted: 10/24/08 at 11:23:40 PM
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Help, i have completed the objective for Razor Rocks (10 different kinds of coasters each with an exitment rating of 6 and up) no money requirment or guest requirement. I met required objective but game does not ever say i have met the objective. I have done this scenero twice now. Is it a clitch in the game or do i need a patch? can anyone help me?

Re: HELP rct delux razor rocks by Longway at 12/31/08 7:25:15 AM

Make sure that all of the roller coasters are a different kind. You cannot, for example build ten identical coasters with the required excitement value and have them count as 10. I think they have to each be different, which makes it necessary to build some of them from scratch due to a lack of level 10 excitment coasters found in the catalog.