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Help Roller Coaster Tycoon Load game

Posted: 10/10/08 at 4:10:40 PM
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I have roller coaster Thycoon version 1.6.4 somthing. Everythime I try to load a save game it close down the game. I think I need a patcg. Can something tell me where I can get a patch or tell me how to fix the problem and it has nothing to do with the compatibility of the game. I already tried it. Please someone help.

Re: Help Roller Coaster Tycoon Load game by Nightfire264 at 11/15/08 3:03:50 AM

you running vista? I recently ran into that problem. I also couldn't save track designs. I uninstalled and reinstallned, and did "Compatibility Windows XP (SP2)" and then Run As Administrator. I am able to save now, but sometimes when I create a ride, the ride stats don't load, and then guests won't ride sux. It only seemed to happen on Extreme Heights tho.