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Scenario Editor Help - RCT2

Posted: 8/26/08 at 12:45:21 PM
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When I create a scenario, is there a way to not have the objective to be "Always Maintain a Park Rating Over 700"?

This is the only thing that's keeping me from having free range of setting up my park how I want it at first without worrying about keeping the rating up.


Re: Scenario Editor Help - RCT2 by fredg999 at 8/28/08 7:48:11 PM

You should check if you activated "unlimited money", because you can't do normal parks (guests & park rating at X date) with this option.

Re: Scenario Editor Help - RCT2 by Nightfire264 at 11/15/08 3:23:12 AM

the last step you do in the Scenario Editor is create the park goals. I think on default it might be the average above 700, but theres a drop down menu and you can choose which one you want. If there isn't a drop down. make sure that the box that says "No Money" doesn't have a check mark in it.