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boat for hire


6/25/08 at
6:50:53 PM

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I am playing roller coaster tycoon and I am playing the leafy lakes scenario. I am trying to build the boat for hire ride and I get it built and the entrance and exits built and I keep getting a message saying that the guests can not get to it. Could you please send me step by step instructions on how to build this ride from beginning to end. I would appreciate it. Thanks.


Re: boat for hire by needhelp at 7/7/08 12:20:11 AM

It's like any other ride that says the guests can't get to the entrance. Your problem isn't the ride - its the entrance. Your pathway probably isn't really connected. You have to make sure there is an "entrance" pathway all the way to the entrance and a plain pathway from the exit. Especially with the boats, the entrances tend to be sloped down a litte becuase you're close to the water. I'm sure the problem is just that the entrance isn't really connected, but without looking at it, I can't see how to fix to. Try raising or lowering land to and from the entrance/exit. That might help. If you have an entrance, exit, boats and a green flag when you open it, then the ride is fine - it's just the pathways.