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Top Thrill Dragster Re-Creation

topthrillmillennium topthrillmillennium Profile

6/17/08 at
10:44:45 PM

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Has anyone ever tried to make the dragster on rct3? there is a really cool designing program called Nolimits. I re-created the dragster on my myspace. click on this to see it
click on view my pics and click on dragster recreation. or you can check out some of my other designs. please respond. i need to see what people think.

topthrillmillennium's myspace

Re: Top Thrill Dragster Re-Creation by jjkenobi jjkenobi Profile at 7/28/08 11:01:49 AM

Dude I'll never forget riding that bad boy - literally sucked the breath from me.