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help load soaked please


5/3/08 at
6:38:04 PM

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I have RCT 3 running and now want to add soaked. I have loaded it, run updates but now nothing works. Keeps telling me I have the wrong disk. Have tried running it with both disks but nothing happens. I have uninstalled it all and reinstalled the original ( which is working well) How can I get it to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks

Re: help load soaked please by vikingh at 5/13/08 6:45:52 PM

run the origenal disk roller coster tycoon 3 and it should come up .

Re: help load soaked please by crogiez crogiez Profile at 5/18/08 11:15:38 AM


verify your hard disk
and reinstall

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