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New Game Project: Roller Coaster

Posted: 4/10/08 at 10:49:50 PM
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Hey all!

I'm currently creating a roller coaster building game, and i'm looking for all the feedback/suggestions i can get!

The game is primarily a point scoring game where you have to build a coaster and achieve certain goals to score points. As you get through the levels, you are given more challenging goals and harder terrain to work with. As pictures tell 1000 words, videos probably tell 5000, so i'll leave you with this video of the game in action:


Any feedback at all would be excellent!

Thanks for your time :)

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Re: New game - Project: Roller Coaster by RollerBoy RollerBoy Profile at 4/22/08 2:32:33 PM

Hey, saw this on Theme Park Review, thought it was awesome!
Thats all I can really say lol!

Re: New Game Project: Roller Coaster by speedfreak speedfreak Profile at 7/9/08 1:16:06 AM

It looks fun. Cant wait.

Re: New Game Project: Roller Coaster by uberg at 10/10/08 10:34:50 AM

Just a note, a forum has been set up where you can make requests as to what you would like to see in the game.

The release date is approaching!

Re: New Game Project: Roller Coaster by pinkpanther at 5/4/09 6:41:23 PM

ya that is a very good game so far, when is it coming out, i cant wait to play it.