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Other Roller Coaster Games


3/31/08 at
1:29:37 PM

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Hi, I have always bought Roller Coaster Tycoon games, and was disappointed with RCT3, so wondered if there was any other roller coaster games you might recommend?
What is No limits like??

Re: Other Roller Coaster Games by LizardsOmen at 4/2/08 6:47:47 AM

yes, 3 is quite disappointing but can be quite fun.

Do not try ThrillVille, it's a terrible ugly love child of RCT3 and Tony Hawks Skateboarding games. You kinda run around the park as a guy and the controls are really annoying.

No limit's is good. But it's not technically a game. There's no finance management or peeps to look after but it focuses alot on roller coaster construction. So If you love designing coasters then no limit's is the perfct game.

Building coasters is a matter of moving Vertices around, instead of placing squares of track. You can straighten your track, smooth it out, make the most crazist angles.

Also you can add your own style of supports, change the landscape (although I dunno how) and add trees and stuff. I think there's a create your own scenery program aswell so yoou could import crazy 3D model's.

It takes a while to get used to how it all works. But I'm sure if you play with it enough then you'll figure it out.

Also there's alot of pre-built elements (mainly inversions and helixes) which you can import, change the size% & mirror. This allows for a more RCT construction method.

No limit's is super flexible. Just look at some of these.

A Flexible Gigacoaster:

Pepsi Max: Big one

Angel Fire:

You can achieve great accuracy with no limits. No other coaster simulation comes close.