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Problem with RCT2


2/28/08 at
8:32:17 PM

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Hello i'm new in this forum have a prolem with rct2.
i created a very big park with scenario editor (256x256 map). I have at least ONE HUNDRED guests that turn around into a space of about ten squares of path, outside the park in front of the entrance!!! they are all hungry, thirst, batrhoom..... so they are all very sick!!!
It isn't a big problem because they are all outside the park, but
it's horrible!!! Also it's incredible because they can exit with no problems over the map and also into the park... but they continue to turn around in front of the entrance!!!!! And they increase continually!!!!! I hope that someone can help me!

Re: Problem with RCT2 by probegt813 at 3/2/08 12:29:03 PM

make your path way bigger and would you mind telling me the activation code i really dont feel like buying the game thanks