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That Black Screen Again


2/12/08 at
7:25:22 AM

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I know this one has been discussed already but I am sure there are others out there that need more advice.

Everytime I load a park, the screen is black. I can see loverly green trees and here the park making buisness, however like I say the screen is black. I find this strange as the trees are very detailed. I cant see why nothing else would be.

I am using windows vista if any help. Is there a simple button i can press in the graphic settings to correct this.


Re: That Black Screen Again by CSDirect at 2/13/08 3:52:54 AM


I tried last night to use the fireworks mix master, the screen black again, although this time, after about 10 mins i could see parts of the park by moving my mouse around. It was as my mouse was a giant torch and it lit up patches of the park I was hovering over.

So i can see the fireworks, the trees and parts of the park every now and again and the graphics look perfect. How do i get to see the whole thing at the same time?


Re: That Black Screen Again by kroan kroan Profile at 3/5/08 7:38:58 AM

Your problem looks very strange, I never heard about a such "bug" on RCT3... I really don't know any issue for your Mixmasters troubleshooting, I'm sorry :(

Re: That Black Screen Again by rebellious_b at 4/1/08 11:25:24 AM

you know when the screen is black what did you do to correct it let me know at

Re: That Black Screen Again by LizardsOmen at 4/2/08 6:52:37 AM

I'm assuming this is for RCT 3?

What are your computer specifications? It could very well be a vista problem.