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Making Custom Queue For Roller Coaster Tycoon 3

mapew9319 mapew9319 Profile

1/4/08 at
5:42:02 PM

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I saw a video of a replica of Millenium Force on Youtube for RCT3. The path of the queue was all white, (like cement). The fences were also high and white. There were also blue Tent roofs on the queue for shade, just like Millenium Force. How do you do this?

Re: Making custom Queue by DUM4S5 at 1/7/08 12:31:31 PM

click on your coaster. click on the option that looks like a red triangle. On the options that pop up there should be a triangle of colours. Click on the individual colours to change different aspects of the pathway.the tent roof was probably made with the scenary builder