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Graphics Problems With RCT 3

Posted: 12/31/07 at 2:14:52 AM
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Ok, on Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 when i start to build any thing and move it along the ground weird things start to happen with the graphics like things just pop up in the sky all sorts of colors. It sometimes look like a wall in the middle of the park. The only way i have learned how to stop it was to change the resolution of the picture and that seems to destroy it! CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!

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Re: Graphics Problems With RCT 3 by britcitchris britcitchris Profile at 1/6/08 2:33:42 PM

Sounds like a conflict with ur video card. Check its supported by the game and if it is, make sure u got up to date drivers for it. Hope this helps. Chris.