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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Install Problems

Posted: 11/22/07 at 10:59:18 AM
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I tried installing RCT3 platnium twice, both times with the same result:

Transfer error,
Feature: USA.Build
Componant: _common
Error: Incorrect function

After I click "OK" the install stops and program ends....
(this is on WinXP)

Re: RCT3 install problem by kroan kroan Profile at 11/22/07 3:24:56 PM


Have you ever tryed to clean your CD-rom drive? Perhaps the program ends because some infos written on the CD are unreadable...

I guess it could be a good idea to try to clean your CD-rom drive or try to install with another DVD drive...


Re: RCT3 install problem by Hoytmedic at 11/22/07 3:27:39 PM

Actually.....I just cleaned the CD, installs fine now. Duh! Thanks for your help!

Re: RCT3 install problem by chava at 12/12/07 9:47:12 AM

i have the same problem with rct3 when i try to install it says error or sumthin like the guy at the top said...but i dont know how to clean the cd rom how!!! sumone tell me without rct3 im lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!