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Lost Key I Need Help

Posted: 11/5/07 at 11:50:42 PM
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i need the cd key i moved and lost the cd case so if u can help that would be awsome

Re: Lost Key I Need Help by kroan kroan Profile at 11/9/07 12:21:24 PM

You just have to call Atari and ask for a new serial. If you effectively bought your game in a store, you have to prove it by sending them a copy of your bill.

They will also give you a serial number.

Don't expect that somebody will give you a serial number just because you say you accidentally lost yours. I don't consider this as "help".


Re: Lost Key I Need Help by DR11 at 12/15/07 10:05:59 AM

the same thing happend to me i moved from florida to vrigina and left the case for the game at my friends house she through it out and my dad unistalled the game and i just boute an extachen pack for it im screwd i need some help plz!