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Recreation Recognition?

Erik_Prachar Erik_Prachar Profile

9/17/07 at
12:18:12 PM

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Recently on RCT3 I created an Intamin mega-coaster that was designed similar to Expedition GeForce. I don't know the exact layout of the ride, but I wanted to make an Intamin mega with lots of twists and turns, instead of just an out-and-back design. I painted it red and white, and named it after its real life model. When I saved it, I went back to build it at a new sand-box park, and I was really surprised at what I saw:

The official logo of Expedition GeForce was in the picture of the track layout, in colour and exactly the same as what Holiday Park uses. At the bottom was this caption that showed up with it: 'Based upon mega-coaster Expedition GeForce, at Holiday Park, Germany.'

Wow! I'm almost sure my version isn't exactly the same as the real one, so that confuses me even more. I've tried to recreate other real-life coasters, and have painted, named, and themed them true to life, but this has never showed up before. Has anyone else here ever seen this?