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I need some help with scenery!

Posted: 9/15/07 at 10:44:01 PM
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Ok when I am building a rollercoaster I am trying to make walls I know you can make those single walls but I wanna make like more than one level walls. I know that alot of the already made coasters have more than one level walls.. I just cant figure out how to do that.. And how do you put roofs on them? Like over top a roller coaster? Kinda like a tunnel, but not a underground tunnel. Is that possible?

I hope I didnt make this sound to complicated.. :

I posted a picture of what I am talking about, but its the water slide.

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Re: I need some help with scenery! by Maclover at 9/17/07 1:29:38 PM

normaly you should read the manual but here is how to do it.

first place a wall. than press and hol the shift button and normally a white wall will appear on the other wall you just placed than left mouse click and thy are on top of each other.

to build a roof:

pick the roof you want to place go to the square where it has to be, than press and hold the shift button and move your mouse up to rase the roof, down to lower the roof. Than when it's on the hight you want it to be press the left mouse click button and your done.

I hope this helped you out