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Do Tycooners care?

Posted: 9/6/07 at 10:25:21 AM
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I don't get it...I'm brand new here and there seem to be so many questions from confused Tycoon players, so many 'views', yet so few answers or responses. Why?

Re: Do Tycooners care? by Maclover at 9/17/07 1:42:23 PM

most people hope they find the answer by reading it.
accept for me. =) i try to help people


Re: Do Tycooners care? by kroan kroan Profile at 11/9/07 7:57:18 AM

I know; by experience, that RCT problems are not such easy to solve because therer is a lot of "custom support" to bring for each problem. Personnally I try to help Tycooners as much as I can, but sometimes al lot of people having the same problem excepts a personal help and doesn't look in topics if the problem they have has yet been solved somewhere else... That could be one of the reason why you think that Tycooners don't care about your problems with the game..

The other reason is that this game is not played as much as it was played before. That's why if there are not a lot of players, there are not a lot of people who can help you...

(sorry for my bad english... I'm french)

for info, I am adapting my website for both english people and french people. Have a look: