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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP

Posted: 9/5/07 at 12:39:08 PM
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I love to play RCT 3 but as i get in to the game the game crashes and goes back to the desktop its annoying. Any help?
I have windows xp home edition if that helps in any way. :)

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by Maclover at 9/17/07 1:39:38 PM

when your having this problem you probardly downloaded the game which i don't support because when you have the CD it should work probardly.

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by kroan kroan Profile at 11/9/07 12:26:17 PM

This is a known bug and Atari fixed it in its first RCT3 Patch. You just have to go on Atari websites and download the RCT3 Patch.
To prevent crashes, be sure that your antivirus is disabled. It is written in the manual that using antivirus while playing may cause game crashes.

Regards ;)

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by Coxyboy_123 at 11/13/07 7:26:25 AM

I have got the rct3 disk but still seems to crash! help me.

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by kroan kroan Profile at 11/21/07 1:01:21 PM

Can you please explain precisely the move you make, the icons you click, the moment when your game crashes and also if you can see something on your screen...

Otherwise You can tell your PC configuration:
Your windows version
Frequency of your Processor
RAM memory range
Hard drive size (and size remaining)
Your graphic card type and memory.

But before doing all that, try this:

1. Check if your system is clean (no viruses and spywares)
2. Update your directX version.
3. Check for the latest drivers for your graphic card and sound card.
4. Cleanup your CD/DVD-Rom drive (with a cleaning disk)
IMPORTANT: Reboot your computer any time it will been asked to you!
5. Then reload the game...

If it still doesn't work, uninstall it then reinstall it. Reboot your computer before starting to play.

It will take about 1 hour to do all this (excepting virus and spywares analysis)

Please try this before telling us it doesn't work.


my RCT3 site:

Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by pushbutton at 4/2/10 10:05:20 PM

I have had the same problem many times and it's very annoying. I now believe it may have been because I had an "on-board" graphics card (it was basically part of my motherboard and came with my motherboard).

I have just upgraded to a brand new motherboard, faster CPU, and seperate, higher spec graphics card so I'm going to try RCT3 now and see how I go.

The guys at the computer store told me the reason for the crashes on RCT3 (which also sometimes happen on other games such as Simcity 4) might be because of the on-board graphics card. This is because on board graphics cards draw all the memory needed to "remember" graphics from your PCs RAM, whereas seperate, or stand-alone video cards have their own memory so your RAM can be used for other purposes to support the other functions happening in the game (calculations and algorythms plus sound etc) and also windows background processes, while the video aspects of the game are supported by your video cards memory not the RAM. It seems to make sense so I'm hopeful of good results.

I'll post again later to let you know the results. Fingers crossed! (BTW I know this sounds like a rather extreme solution for a game crash but my old system was 3.5 years old and the motherboard stopped working last week so I had no choice but to do an upgrade or buy a new PC. With the upgrade I have done (which has also included a new bigger hard drive and windows 7) I virtually have a new PC. I just liked the size and look of the box so I kept that!)

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Re: Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Game Crashes On XP by pushbutton at 4/3/10 12:59:23 AM

Well I'm sorry to say I still have the same problem! To be fair I don't use RCT3 the way it was intended to be used.

I live to start the game by loading a big park I have designed and then gradually closing and demolishing it. Hey, that's just what I enjoy most about the game - so there!

I've occasionally been able to get all the way through that process in the past, even on my old PC, but 9 times out of 10 it crashes after about an hour. The weird thing that I don't quite get is that even if I re-start my computer and reload the game (a partially demolished saved version of the park) it then crashes again after only a minute or so, as if there is something happening at that moment in game-time that makes it crash. I just can't figure out what.

Anyway I am more than confident that the game will run smoothly if I just use it in the way it was intended. The good news is it loads a fair bit faster now on my upgraded PC and also the graphics automatically set themselves to "high quality" now whereas before it was "performance" settings.

I might try again though with the graphics manually adjusted down a bit to see if it will stay stable that way.