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RCT3 Water reflections


8/22/07 at
12:46:08 PM

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hi i'm having a problem i know that you can choose wheter you want or don't want water reflections in the options menu but here is the problem those options are all the way to the right (says the manual) but i don't have those options i only have 4 options if someone is experiencing the same problem and knows how to solve this than please help me



Re: RCT3 Water reflections by DUM4S5 at 1/7/08 1:36:45 PM

i have the opposite problem.i want water reflections. anybody know how to get them? i have them now. i installed the game onto a better comp

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Re: RCT3 Water reflections by Maclover at 1/8/08 3:34:57 PM

i also want them but my graphics card isn't strong enough for it you can try to go to the options menu (in RCT3) and set your graphics on high performance before you do this back up your files because your computer might crash because it can't handle it


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