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Tired guest


7/31/07 at
10:40:46 AM

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In about year 10 like 50% of my guests are tired and can't find the exit. I don't know what happens. I tried to pick about about 10 and put them by the exit and all tey say is i can't find the exit.

Re: Tired guest by xBlackcatx at 8/1/07 10:11:50 AM

Try drowning them. build a path over a lake and put no entry sighns no they can't leave the path. then delete the path and they die and then they don't need to find the exit

Re: Tired guest by liesel liesel Profile at 9/4/07 10:30:51 AM

I make sure to have plenty of benches installed for my guests to rest.Seems to help the tiredness factor.I also used to get TONS of lost guests so I always install lots of info kiosks with free maps...very little $$$ loss and guests never get lost now.