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New ideas for no limits?¿?

Posted: 4/30/07 at 7:29:41 PM
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Here's my problem: I make the rides as close to real standerds as possible, I've never tried anything really different without it beeing impossibe. I need help thinking of a good different idea that could really be built in real life. Thanx:D

-Keep it real SARCM701

Re: New ideas for no limits?¿? by steeleye5 at 8/25/07 6:05:42 PM

build a ride from ur local amusment park its always fun to see if it looks exactly the same or if it doesnt

Re: New ideas for no limits?¿? by cody822294 at 11/23/07 7:56:47 PM

Build a terrain coaster like the Beast at KI or the Raven at Holiday world. It is always cool to have a ride in the woods. :)