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RCT1 remove trees

Posted: 5/28/06 at 7:57:24 PM
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Please, for the love of God can someone tell me how to remove the trees on Rollercoaster tycoon 1! I have recently aquired the game and love it. I wish to pley it to get used to it before i play the others (in order).

I am doing great but how the hell do you move trees?

I can't seem to do it!
Help! :(

Re: RCT1 remove trees by aboman at 5/28/06 9:47:24 PM

I have only played RCT2 and 3. I think RCT1 was similar if not the same as RCT2. Anyway This is how you do it on RCT2 and hopefully it will help you with RCT1.
There are a number of ways to do it. Hewre are a few. If you are in build pathway mode you can right click on a tree or fence etc. and it will go away.
When putting rides etc down the trees will go away although this is more expensive then removing the trees first.
You can click on the clear scenery button at the top of the screen (bulldozer). At this point you can right click on a tree or whatever other scenery you want to get rid of and it will go away, or you can adjust the size of your clearing area , then hold down the left mouse key and sweep over the landscape and remove whatever your sweep passes over.
Hope that helps!

Re: RCT1 remove trees by sixfagsfreak at 1/28/07 9:28:29 PM

right click!!!!!


Re: RCT1 remove trees by crobi at 1/15/09 8:01:51 PM

Click on the shovle. the one to raise and lower land. then put the curser on the tree and right click. RCT 1. I dont have rct 2. so i dont know that one.

Re: RCT1 remove trees by phlydude at 2/13/09 4:25:21 PM

raising and lowering land is more expensive than right clicking on the item you want to remove