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Ultimate Rollercoaster > Discussion Forums > Roller Coaster Games > HAS ANYONE PASSED LA LA LAND?????????


Posted: 2/12/06 at 5:30:43 PM
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how do u plass la la land? please help

Re: HAS ANYONE PASSED LA LA LAND????????? by cbel684021 at 2/21/06 2:52:24 PM

The first part is pretty easy with Cami O. I used one of the already made rollercoaster that had a rating of 5.0; The second set of objectives- I used one of the mixmaster fire works that the game already had- I dropped Clint Bushton in front of it until he watched it. As for Joe, as long as you picked a high enough rating for Cami's coaster- all you will need to do is add one more.
Now- the third part- after playing it for days and days and days... I finally got Clint Bushton happy but i still can't get joe happy. I set apart from the rest of the park a sci fi area (Planetarium, Flying saucers, Escape from Earth or something like that (an already made rollercaster -reverse free fall) lots and lots of scenery of the sci fi nature. I built a divider row of buildings to seperate the section and also had a sign that said Sci Fi land. The ground was sprayed in the weird concrete one- and I used a steel path- I don't know how he liked it this time as opposed to any of the other times i tried to pass... but oh well! Hopefully this helped a little. If you know anything on how to get Joe happy let me know!!
Good luck!

Re: HAS ANYONE PASSED LA LA LAND????????? by moonmicky at 8/24/09 3:40:17 AM

yeah, I'm pretty sure the trick is to plant a ton of trees and stuff (animitronics!). When the Sci Fi guy came his park satisfaction was pretty low, but then I paused and planted about 25 trees from the sci fi theme (in the area of the park I had already made into sci fi land)and instantly it went up. Also, I picked them up as soon as they came in and put them where I wanted them. They kept leaving as soon as they came in otherwise!