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RTC:Which scenario has the largest grid?


10/14/99 at
9:40:31 PM

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The question relates to the amount of area available after you brought ALL of the land that can be peuchased(I use the trainer)! With all of the types of coasters available and especially with the add-on pack I would like to build a park that have space for around 20 coasters that are full size(70-150 feet tall with at least one HUGE B&M hyper)! I can overlap and take advantage of undeground walkways and rides as well as stacked and/or intertwined rides but the Mega Park can still run out of room! :-( Are there any parks larger than the Mega Park after buying 100% of available land?


Re: RTC:Which scenario has the largest grid? by Ride_Op at 10/15/99 12:33:42 PM

I think that all of the maps are basically the same size, and what sets one apart from another is the abount of land they allow you to buy. I downloaded the trainer and first off cleared and flattened the land. I have tons and tons of space now on the map (especially since I own it all) and you know what map I used? Good old Forest Frontiers. In fact, Forest Frontiers is a different section of the Lake map, which is also the competition map.