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RCT most popular ride ever! 42,000$ an hr.


10/14/99 at
3:44:05 AM

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I've found that rides become unpopular in the rain, simple enough. build rides that have covers (ie. haunted house, and carosel) but I recently built a ride over 50% under ground, and that had the same result. but I then found that the guests will pay almost any thing. (I have had a woodie pull in 42,000$ an hr.) and have no control over riding, if the walk past virtualy all ride if they have the cash. A very boring ride such as a mini steel train with a 180 droping turn, a one unit high hill and a 180 rising turn, usualy a very boring ride is worth 15$ a ride. and a medium excitment ride is worth 20$ (highest amount aloud). try it in the small parks, and really rake in the dough.