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What's with Dinky Park?


10/8/99 at
2:29:15 PM

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I took me THREE tries to get past this senario. I noticed that there's a ton of land for sale across the street, but doesn't connect to the park. Is this a teaser or what?

I managed to figure out how to get out of this senario by rearranging the flat rides. I built a wooden coaster around the park, but is mostly under the ground. For R&D, I emphasized Thrill Rides so I could add a Top Spin and Space Shot. Near the end of the third time, my park value was just over $10K. I realized I could raise one block of land and put in a shuttle loop over everything. After that, my value eventually increased to $14K.

Am I missing something here? What did you all think of Dinky Park?


Re: What's with Dinky Park? by Jason at 10/8/99 3:51:27 PM

You can buy the rights to build across the road so then you can use that land. Heck, when I did Dinky Park I had every single square full on the main part. Whether it was a ride, path, tree, bush, or garden, SOMETHING was in every single square.

Re: What's with Dinky Park? by The Nor Easter at 10/11/99 9:53:38 AM took me 2 tryes to compleet. I built 2 coasters totally under ground then I pit rides flat rides on the ground then coasters and some other rides over that. I used a few path towers to get up and down. the best tip I can give you is Once you build something it starts to lose value. toward the end replace some of the rides and buildings with new ones of the same thing. This will bring up your park Value...