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Ever use a coaster as a train?


10/4/99 at
6:15:18 PM

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On one of those annoying scenarios -- can't remember which one (Heck, Ive crushed them all) I got so annoyed that people couldn't find the Wild Mouse in the back of the park that I built a steel coaster to transport guests from the front gate. I left it almost completely flat, used the boosters at maximum speed, banked the curves and ran it close to existing paths.

Lo and behold, it rated a high medium (mid-fives) and made fairly decent money -- despite the fact all I really wanted was my whiny guests to find their way around!


Actually yes by DoomPlague at 10/5/99 12:08:48 AM

I was just fooling around and found it to be a good transportation system. I noticed that you can't have multiple trains or stations with powered launch mode so you have to use boosters which makes the ride expensive to run. It is much faster than anything else, though.