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Why are game release dates always pushed back???


10/2/99 at
11:47:29 AM

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The RCT add-on was originally scheduled to be
released this month, then it was pushed back to
Nov. 2, now I hear that it's Nov. 15. Why does
this always happen? I have several PlayStation
games that were released almost a year after their
originally announced release date. They just kept
pushing it back, and pushing it back. When a new
game release date is announced, why don't they
stick with it? I just hope the RCT add-on doesn't
get pushed back anymore. This is really

Re: Why are game release dates always pushed back? by Ride_Op at 10/4/99 4:27:00 PM

Testing. The game must be completely and thouroughly tested before it can be released. Release dates get moved back as more bugs are discovered that need fixes. The fixes are implimented, and then the game has to again be tested from start to finish to make sure they didn't break something else in the code. I was a tester for computer games awhile ago and have been promoted up to Level Design, so I know all about this stuff. Sure it's frustrating, but would you rather have a bug in the program that could wipe your hard drive? The original 1.0 version of MYTH had a bug that if you had installed it to a non-default directory (or if you just installed it to C:) and then uninstalled it, it would erase your entire hard drive. you want them to have as much time as they want to make the game so that doesn't happen to you!!!