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RCT excitement rating!!!

Helix Ca.

9/13/99 at
2:59:15 AM

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Anyone ever gotten a 9 or higher? How the heck did you do it!!


Re: RCT excitement rating!!! by Dan Ireland at 9/21/99 5:44:03 PM

: Anyone ever gotten a 9 or higher? How the heck
: did you do it!! Jay

I got a steel coaster with a 9.72 excitement and 9.55 intensity. The line fills up!

It's got 6 inversions on it, lots of tunnels, and track that goes through 3 of the loops.

Steel coasters are the easiest for me to get high ratings. Stand-Ups I can't hardly keep the intensity below 10 so I never have a decent excitement on them.

RCT excitement ratings by David at 10/21/99 10:18:00 AM

Just a quick guide I came up with.
Vertical drop coasters can get very high ratings (ever seen a 9.3 excitement) - Build them up to max. height, and drop into the volcano from the Mars Themeing objects (With a holding brake). Instead of then braking or finishing the track use the speed to climb back up to a highish altitude again. Repeat several times (4 usually works), but only use a holding brake after the first if the speed is too high (and hence the -'ive G's. Finally build other rides and intertwine them together - corkscrewing a Inverted coaster around the track. can work really well - Imagine what Oblivion running into the scenery of Nemesis at Alton Towers would look like.
Track lengths should realistically not exceed 8000ft - very long rides tend to have extreme intensity ratings, regardless of G-forces. The real world record is about 7500ft, while most megaloopers i.e. Montu, Alpengeist, Kumba, etc. average at about 4000ft.
To improve your excitement ratings of looping coasters, the right track is critical. Stand-up trains are extremely difficult to build with ratings over 6, while steel corkscrew trains give a bumpy ride (according to the description in the game, and real life experience), hence their intensity is often too high. The best option is usually the steel roller coaster, or the inverted roller coaster. The former does lack in special features, but properly designed with lots of scenery can make them superb. They are often very quick to invent as well if you are trying to beat a scenario. Inverted coasters chew cash like my dog eats steak in construction, but you get all of the special track elements upon inventing the track, unlick steel corkscrew and stand up. Ratings of 6.5 are easy to get, around 5 properly balanced inversions will do it. Extremely high (9.5) ratings can be achived only with great care - the train needs sufficient energy to get around the circuit but if it is all gained in one blast G's will tend to be too high, Again as an example of what to do look at Nemesis - It isn't a massively high track thanks to height restrictions on construction, so the ride rather than gaining all the speed in one blast drops as it goes around the track - the top of the vertical loop is not much higher than the station building. Don't be afraid to use multiple inversions, but never a string of identcal maneuvers - this tends to lower the rating. Also, composite maneuvers - i.e. half loop & half corkscrew tend to be more exciting. Try to evenly space out the maneuvers, and include tame parts of track to give the riders time to be afraid of what's next. Such maneuvers properly managed can also be used as an alternative to banking corners. Building a coaster with more than 10 inversions is extremely difficult to do and keep the intensity down.
Most of all, plunder the real world's coasters and enhance them - I built a dueling copy of Alpengeist and Montu - a very impressive construction. To get better at RCT building copies of rides you like, (hopefully that doesn't mean Carousels) especially big multilooper coasters gives a feeling of how to build your worst nightmare (or best dream).
Last note - to everybody out there that plays RCT and Theme Park - get out there and ride AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. Building coasters is all well and good, but nothing compares to the real thing. That and season tickets to theme parks are nowadays extremely good as they often will get you into more than one park.