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RCT replicas

Posted: 9/11/99 at 10:36:14 PM
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Hi everyone who is a rollercoaster fanatic. I purshed RCT a week after it came out and have completely mastered the game, after that I fashoned one of the lands to be completly flat and have around $250,000 and there I build rollercoasters and save them so I can just plop them down in my other parks. Now I was woundering if anyone else out there trys to make copies of existing rides like Batman or the Riddlers Revenge. I do and have a stsck of pictures I have found of rollercoaster overview pictures. Is anyone else out there do the same???? If so write me and mabey send me a screen shot I want to see if Your designs are as close to the real.

Re: RCT replicas by Mike O. at 9/11/99 11:43:44 PM

Well first of all, Batman the Ride is REALLY easy to make. And if you want to download other R.C.T. replicas and send in yours, go to It is THE BEST website to download real tracks and even real parks.


Re: RCT replicas by Richie : ) at 9/14/99 3:07:22 AM

I do do this occasionally I was wondering if you could email some of them to me so I can get some real Idea of what they are like. (If I sent you my replicas you'd pe disappointed... I live in australia.)