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Improvements for RCT

/\ Blast Coaster
Posted: 9/10/99 at 5:16:08 PM
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What are some improvements that you would like to see on RCT? My list would be:
*Steeper banks for the coasters
*Inversions at steeper angles
*Inclined Inversions

On the subject of RCT, a new section will be coming to COASTERnet later this month that will feture numorous original COASTERnet track designs for RCT, along with some tracks designed after standing coasters and coasters under construction.
If you can't access COASTERnet from the link below, the address is:

COASTERnet - America's Best Coasters!

Re: Improvements for RCT by VeGeTa at 9/11/99 12:03:22 AM

It Would Be nice If they could make an expansion pack that let let u select different types of supports for your Roller coasters.I would Love to make a Almost perfect recration of riddlres revenge,ohh yeah by the way the pics at the official site are the riders standing or sitting? hate the supports in the game.

Re: Improvements for RCT by HBK at 9/11/99 10:46:38 AM

thing i want to see
1.more warter rides
2 the people would not be wusses
3.loops on angles like mantis
4.a free fall like drop zone or the pit fall at kennywood
5.more shows
6.bigger loops
7.smarter staff
8.competittors like in theme park and you can buy stock can take a video ride on your coasters
10.more theming stuff
11.reverse incline inverted coasters
12.flyin coasters like stelth at pga
13.helixes for wood coasters
14.wooden loops coasters
16.a place with unlimited land
17.diffrent kinds of staff like people who take guest pictures and people walking around selling sodas or food

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