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Discussion Forums Usage Policy

Use of the Forums on Ultimate Rollercoaster® indicates that you've read, understand and fully accept the terms, rules and guidelines outlined here and explained in this policy.

Message Boards

The message boards are for interactive discussion of topics, news and issues related to amusement parks, roller coasters, theme parks and thrill rides. Designated forums may be limited to specific topics or designated off-topic as indicated.

Any visitor may read and search the messages and threads displayed on the message boards. Messages may contain questions, news, information, opinions, comments and speculation on the designated topics. All discussions should be appropriate for children.

Only registered users may post messages or reply to messages posted on the message boards. (Please refer to User Registration below.) Registered users may also use HTML tags within the body of their message, so long as the HTML usage does not create an undesirable appearance, interfere with the site's design and functionality, or affect the performance of the Internet browser.

You may also mirror non-copyrighted images, pictures or graphics from other web sites in the body of a message. We ask that all users respect the intellectual property rights of others. (Please see our Image and Copyright Infringement policies below for further guidelines.)

Users may also include a link to another web site in the body of their message. (Please read our Links Policy below for further guidelines.)

Message Board Basic Rules

These are basic rules that we ask be followed when using the message boards. Keep in mind that posting on the message boards is a privilege, not a right and your right to particpate may be revoked at any time, without reason or notice.

1. No foul language or inappropriate slang.

2. No flaming or personal attacks. Note, your welcome to express your opinions and disagree with other users, that is the foundation of a great debate, but please refrain from name calling, personal attacks or childish behavior in discussions.

3. All participants are required and expected to follow the rules of the English language as accepted in their country of origin. See the English Language Policy below for details.

4. No advertisements, spam or promotion of Web sites, businesses, commercial products or services. (Please refer to our Links and Promotion policies below for further details.)

5. You may not solicit to or request the users and/or members of this site to contact you without the express written consent of the site's owner. This is for our protection and the safety of our users.

6. No pornography, obscene or hate material of any kind.

7. No posting copyrighted, trademarked or illegal content of any kind.

8. No discussion of any topic(s) that is inappropriate for children, which includes but is not limited to discussions about sex, violence, hate and pornography.

9. No shorthand or non-industry acronyms. (Examples of acceptable acronyms include: IMO, LOL, CP, PKI, CP, etc.) See Acronyms.

Message Board Etiquette

This is a reminder of some message board etiquette that should be followed as courtesy to all participants.

Keeping Things Organized

It is easier to follow a discussion on a topic if it is not broken up across multiple threads. Keeping all messages within a single thread keeps the discussion organized, and makes following it a breeze. Use the Search feature on the message baord to see if a topic has already been posted. Remember, a single reply to a thread will bring the thread back to the top of the message board index for all to see.

Inappropriate Threads or Topics

Off-Topic – Threads that don't have anything to do with the topic of a forum belong in the "off-topic" message board.

Favorite, Best, Top, Worst, Most Topics – The topic "What's Your Favorite Park or Coaster" has already been posted. If you want to read that or add to it use the Search feature, find it and revive the tired thread. Further, topics like this do not create a discussion amongst members. They're of no interest to most users other than the person who started the thread.

Creating Noise – Posting nonsense to a thread is not needed. If you don't have something worthy of being read by others then don't post it.

Subject Titles

A proper subject title is very important. If you put a short, non-descriptive subject title, fewer people will read it. Too long of a title gets annoying to the users. Try to sum up the topic of your message in as few words as possible, but still communicate what it is about.

Quoted Material In A Reply

As a courtesy to all it is appreciated when you delete any or all of the unnecessary quoted content in a reply. Keep what is needed so your reply makes sense, but delete the rest.


The add image option is meant to be for an image that is relevant to the post, not an advertisement for your favorite ride, park or whatever.


Everyone is entitled to their opinion and may voice it on the message boards. Please keep this in mind when responding to messages and show respect for another's opinion. The success of the message board is primarily based on the differences in opinion, which create interesting conversations and debates. You can expect others to disagree with you, but do not take it personally.

Finally, be aware of what you write. You can be held liable for your comments.

English Language Policy

All participants of the message boards are required to and expected to follow the rules of the English language in their country of origin. Perfection is not the rule, nor expectation, so honest mistakes will be forgiven and overlooked . Blatant misue and laziness is not allowed.

Each user is expected to do the following with any content they write and post to the message board:

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your post being deleted at our discretion. Furthermore, users may receive a warning and after repeated offenses your account may be suspended.

For lengthy posts, such as a trip report, we suggest you use a text editor like Microsoft Word or AppleWorks to type your post. Use the spelling and grammar check within those programs before posting it on the message board.

Links Policy

Message Board users may include a hyperlink or Web link in the body of the message so long as it follows these guidelines:

1. Links may be included in the message if they are relevant to the topic being discussed (i.e. link to construction photos, link to theme park, link to news article)

2. You may also include a link to your non-commercial, personal web site in your message as part of a signature.

3. Users may not link to web sites that contain obscene, offensive or questionable content.

4. Users may not make a link the topic of their message, with the exception of the one situation discussed under self-promotion below.

Image Policy

Users may mirror non-copyrighted images or photos in the body of a message, so long as the photo, graphic or image pertains to the topic of the message. Any material found to be in violation of applicable copyright laws, may result in the post being modified or deleted.

Further, users may not use the image option to post banners, advertise or promote any product, service or web site. Posts found to be in violation will be removed and the user's account may be suspended.


Self promotion is defined as posting an on-topic message merely to advertise or promote another web site and not intended to create a discussion. Users are not permitted to post messages advertising or promoting web sites, unless they can make it a message that is likely to generate a discussion. These types of messages should be limited to no more than once per month. (Example: New Ride Construction Photos, Park Photo Update)

Promotion and Advertisements

Users are not permitted to post messages that promote, announce or advertise a non-commercial web site(s) without obtaining prior written permission from the moderator(s), webmaster(s) and or owner(s) of Ultimate Rollercoaster. The promotion of any commercial product, service or web site is strictly prohibited.

Copyright Infringement

Ultimate Rollercoaster respects the intellectual property rights of others. If you believe your work has been used on the message boards in a way that constitutes a copyright infringement, please contact us at once to report the violation. For more information on Copyright Infringement claims please read our Terms of Service.

Message Board Violations

Messages found to be in violation of any of the rules and policies listed here may be modified or removed from the message board. Users who repeatedly violate the rules will have their account suspended.

We reserve the right to track your IP address and contact your ISP to report abuse and violations of our policies. We also reserve the right to contact a local law enforcement agency to report violations that violate federal, state and local law.

Report Violations

You may report violations of the Usage Policy by using the feedback form on the Contact Us page.


You must be a registered user and have an active account to post on the message boards. All visitors of Ultimate Rollercoaster who are at least 13 years of age, have a valid e-mail address and agree with this Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Discussion Forums Usage Policy are eligible to register for a user account.

Creating Accounts

The user may create an account by completing the information required on the registration form. In order to obtain an account you must select a username, provide your first and last name, have a valid e-mail address and successfully answer a series of required questions. Only one account per valid e-mail address may be created. See our Terms of Service for more information.

Agreement and Contact Consent

Creating an account indicates you've read and agree with our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Discussion Forums Usage Policy. It also indicates your consent to the collection, use, storage and transfer of the information obtained on the registration form by Ultimate Rollercoaster and its affiliates.

Further, you consent and grant Ultimate Rollercoaster permission to contact you, at anytime, through the provided e-mail address or through any other method possible using any or all of the contact information that we obtain through the registration form.


Ultimate Rollercoaster, its authors, producers, owners, webmasters and employees are not responsible for the content contained within the message boards. The information presented does not reflect the opinion of the webmasters, authors or owner of this web site, unless otherwise noted.

The rules, guidelines and policies listed and explained here are subject to change at any time, without notice. We reserve the right to revoke posting privileges and suspend user registrations at any time, for any reason, without notice. We also reserve the right to modify or delete any topic or message and suspend or delete any user account for any reason, without notice or explanation.

All content and material created or posted on Ultimate Rollercoaster becomes the property and copyright of Ultimate Rollercoaster and may not be duplicated, copied, mirrored or reproduced in any form or manner without prior written consent.

Ultimate Rollercoaster also retains ownership of all user accounts and may without notice revoke access and the right to use any username and or account.


For information regarding how Ultimate Rollercoaster handles your personal information on the Forums, message boards and user registration, please refer to the Privacy Policy.


Should you have any questions or comments, please Contact Us.

Revised: May 2005

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