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Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc.

Posted: 11/30/01 at 1:48:39 PM
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We don't get to see the latest Disney/Pixar cgi spectacular until February in the U.K :-(

The screenshots I've seen, look stunning, the fluffy Sulley could possibly overtake Buzz Lightyear as my fav character ;-)

Just wondered, if anyone here as seen the film, and what are your opinions... better than Bugs Life and Toy Story 1 & 2??

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Re: Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. by Graeme Graeme Profile at 11/30/01 7:17:51 PM

I saw a trailer for Monsters Inc on the Toy Story 2 video I borrowed from a friend and it looked a very interesting concept. Pixar are great and their DVDs seem outstanding.

By the way, I didn't enjoy Toy Story 2 much, but I loved the first one. Maybe Monsters Inc will be good as it's a fresh concept.

I'm looking forward to Attack of the Clones and Spiderman more though!


Re: Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. by Psycho at 11/30/01 7:36:13 PM

I know how u feel...Im itching to see it.

I think it comes out Boxing Day here.

Ive heard good things about it...I hope it lives up to the hype.

Re: Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. by Coasternut at 11/30/01 8:45:34 PM

I took my Daughter to see it last weekend.It was pretty good,but it`s nowhere near as good as the first Toy Story.Better than TS2 though.

Shrek is da bomb as Jimmy Gallo would say by chillforce chillforce Profile at 12/1/01 1:29:24 AM

I think Shrek was one of the funniest animated films to date. DreamWorks hit a home run on this and the inclusion of everyones fairy tales just makes it something to behold.

As a first generation American/Irish, the spoof on RiverDance was too, too funny. I have to have it now, I missed so much laughing, so that is a DVD I have to own.

Forget Toy Stories, although fun, Lion King awesome but nothing measures up to Shrek. Bugs Life had me laughing but nothing like this. Love the life lessons these movies are trying to tell kids as well, hope it is getting through. Yet, i wonder who is going to these movies, the kids or we adults?


Re: Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. by Eric P at 12/1/01 11:56:20 PM

AhHEM... could I ask, perchance, why so many people here seem to be putting down TS2??? Personally, I thought it was filled with alot more belly laughs than the original...
Now, not to give anything away, but the whole baggage/doors motif while flying around trying to find the right one seemed a little recycled... that was probably the only downfall of Monsters Inc.

TS2: I truly remember this film being one that was funny to the MASSES, not just kids (kinda like Shrek is)

Eric P

Re: Disney/Pixar Monsters Inc. by Shanew at 12/2/01 9:49:27 AM

Thanks for your comments.

I agree that Toy Story 2 wasn't as good as the first one, although my favourite part of both films is in number two- Tour Guide Barbie's 'tour'

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