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Any other Weather Enthusiests out there?

Posted: 11/27/01 at 11:15:32 PM
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I am just wondering if any of you out there are weather fans. I have always been a fan of weather. I actually wanted to be a meteorologist, but there is no schools in my area that offer it, so I choose engineering instead. My main interest in weather is severe weather. I always get excited when severe thunderstorms appoach my area or a winter noreaster is supposed to come up the coast. Eventually I hope to be an amature storm chaser.


Re: Any other Weather Enthusiests out there? by Rickyswmn at 11/28/01 9:50:35 AM

Me! I am fascinated by weather and, Severe weather such as tornado's especially.Rick will tell you how tired he is of watching the weather channel when there is a Hurricane down south or a Tornado outbreak in the midwest.I also watch the weather specials on Discovery and The learning Channel.Rick is scared to death of tornadoes so, If I ever go on that tornado chase tour out west I will let you know John :)


Re: Any other Weather Enthusiests out there? by Eric P at 12/2/01 12:00:06 AM

Well, as little as this might relate, I love marching in the rain!
(heck, I even jump up and down in circles at Marching Band practice when it starts to rain... everyone hates the heat too.... It makes me feel stronger.

Eric P