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Eric P
Posted: 11/22/01 at 11:47:05 AM
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so, has anyone bought the new Radiohead live recordings?? I just bought my copy yesterday and seriously I can't get enough of it... especially True Love Waits... That song is just amazing...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone
Eric P

Re: Radiohead by Andy Simpson at 11/22/01 4:16:18 PM

I love Radiohead and got the I Might Be Wrong EP also, it's brilliant, especially the live version of Like Spinning Plates but the best is True Love Waits, that's my favourite song of all time, I've been following it since 1996 getting lots of live versions of it and I nearly fainted when the news came in that they were going to release it on a live album. A great song and what does it say about Radiohead if they've been leaving such a great song out for 5 years.


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