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Any theatre nuts here ?

coaster nerd
Posted: 11/21/01 at 3:14:55 PM
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Hi , I'm a 14 year old theatre nut . Anyway , i'm going to try out for The Adventures of Nate the Great (its childrens theatre ) in about a week @ the community theatre .I voleenter as a crew person for alot of the plays and i really want to be on stage . We did Jesus Christ Superstar this summer and i've been a theatre "Junkie" since, LOL. auditions are next saturday , more about that later , bye


Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by Eric P at 11/22/01 11:50:57 AM

well, I wouldn't call my self a theatre nut by any means, but every time my school drama department puts on a play, I try to go and see it... they did Romeo And Juliet earlier in the year, and now they're going to do West Side Story... HOPEFULLY I'll be playing trombone in the pit orchestra. I've heard bernstein can write some crazy music, and this shouldn't be an exception... oh, and I was rather peeved that I couldn't see a broadway play while in NYC two summers ago.. oh well. I DID get to ride MOM, so I think that made up for it...

Eric P

Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by Fraser Fraser Profile at 11/22/01 6:20:30 PM

I'm a professional Theatre Director-so I suppose that qualifies me as a nut. Although, I tend not to go to all the "big" shows asit's toomuch of a busman's holiday. Love Sondheim, OPera, Shakespeare and weird new stuff. Hate Les Miz, Lloyd-Webber and trashy boulevard comedies.
If you want to know anything about getting into the usiness (from a UK point of view at least) then fire away...

Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by Kayenta Coaster at 11/25/01 11:08:52 PM

I'm a theatre nut! All through high school I acted in plays and was in musicals! My final production in high school was last year. I got to perform the lead role and it was the biggest role I had ever done in my life. I played an insane guy who tried to get nurses to help out a skeleton (long story, great play). Anyway, I love theatre and watched my first Broadway play and musical here in Tucson where I go to college! I watched Swing! last night and loved it! I loved the dancing and music! What a great show!

Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by chillforce chillforce Profile at 12/1/01 2:19:54 AM

Eric, the music for West Side Story is totally awesome. The story itself is also a great understanding of the Bronx in the 1950s. I did not see the play until the 80s but I saw the movie when it was released and totally related to the whole story. It is a Romeo and Juliet story with race as the protaganist rather than an individual. A great modern day rewrite of the Master, Shakespere.

Back to the music, I got a little sidetracked. I stil love hearing that soundtrack and Office Krumpke will have you cracking up if you understand it. It is a little dated now.

I really hope you enjoy it.

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Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by chillforce chillforce Profile at 12/1/01 2:49:50 AM

I did not do High Schol plays, got very into it in college. Seemed the Director loved Thomas a'Becket and did 3 plays on his life in 4 years. I had one problem back in those days, I looked young and was always typecast and most of the time played the son of Henry until senior year when I was given the role of the First Priest with lots of lines, finally. Forget which version of Becket that was though (:

I loved helping the dramatics majors with their play cuttings though, that was what I had the most fun with. I played George in "Who is afraid of Virgina Wolf", the lead Greek Envoy to the women in Lysestrada (spelling in doubt)and thank you Miss Debbie Moore for ending the sterotyping, but the best work I did was being the Sound Director for "My Arms are too Short to Box with God". Theme song for that, funny enough for today, was Nowegian Wood".

I was inducted into Delta Psi Omega an honorary Dramatic Fraternity, which I now cannot find online. There is another Dramatic Fraternity but not Delta Psi Omega. To enter, I was blindfolded and put on stage and asked questions. I am told I was almost the first person blackballed for my answer to why I should be allowed in. All I said was that I earned the points and I deserved the rewards. Points were earned on parts that you played, major roles were a certain number, supporting roles were another and so on. Just goes to show that this attitude is not something new, I have been like this all my life, LOL

I do Broadway unfortunately about once a year. I go with co-workers and for me a tight squeeze as to the time I get out. I p[refer taking the Ferry from the Jersey side and they have buses on the other end to take you to all the theaters. It was very cool to do this for Titanic.

I know that I am really looking forward to one play though. Next year, if enough investors are found, there wil be a play about Palisades Park. I am there for the previews for sure.


Re: Any theatre nuts here ? by Eric_Gieszl Eric_Gieszl Profile at 9/7/02 6:45:20 AM

Ed... did I just read that correctly. Were you an actor at one point in your life? Maybe that would explain all the dramatic moments in your life.