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I got a Nintendo Gamecube..

Posted: 11/20/01 at 8:59:20 PM
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And it's awesome. I'm gonna love this system. This definately beats PS2 IMO. The controller is great, and easy to use. The system and the Mini DVDs are small as hell. You might ask..."how did you get one"...and yeah...when the News tells you to wait at a store at 7 AM..they're not lying..I arrived at the Toys R Us in Burbank , IL at 7:00 AM and waited three hours, and was sixth in line. I got the jet black system...and if I wasn't so close I'd be stuck with the Indigo one :-). The graphics, of course are awesome. I got two games... Luigi's Mansion and Star Wars: Rouge Leader...and my brother got Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. I haven't beat the games yet, but here's my look on them so far.

Luigi's Mansion : Don't let those 7.0-8.5 out of 10 reviews everywhere fool you if your a long time Nintendo fan.This game is quite possibly the most clever game ever, and makes the controller very useful. It's an easy game, I'm almost finished, and doesn't have much reply after you beat it (well I can see it) but it's VERY fun, and gives you that classic Nintendo feel, with Toad..and um... a few others. It's basically Luigi gets an invitation from Mario to come to a Mansion, Mario's not there, but a Doctor asks him to suck up all the ghosts in the Haunted Mansion while rescuing his brother...actually a very complicated plot FOR a Mario game. The gameplay rocks in this one. 9 out of 10 for me so far.

Star Wars: Rouge Leader: GREAT game, Hard too, have only beat a little of it, but I'd say it's so far better than Luigi's Mansion. The graphics are almost perfect, the sound is perfect, and the gameplay is perfect. If your a star wars fan you'll be in heaven. Beating the First Death Star was incredible, and just like the Movies, with the voices of " Use the force Luke" and " The Force is strong with this one". 9.5 out of 10

Tony Hawk 3 is pretty cool, not into skateboarding though.

If your a Nintendo fan, pick this system up. It's much better than the N64 so far, so it'll give you a few years of great unsurpassed gameplay. I hope to buy Wave Race: Blue Storm and Super Smash Bros. Melee in a few weeks.



Re: I got a Nintendo Gamecube.. by Johnny Mnemonic at 11/21/01 4:09:57 PM

I agree with you totally. The play factor involved in this system is the best I've ever experienced. I am hooked on All Star Baseball 2002, and later today I'll get the Star Wars Rouge Leader and Monkey Ball. I love this system!

That said, I may get a PS2 early next year as well.

Re: I got a Nintendo Gamecube.. by Pantera Psycho at 11/25/01 7:29:13 PM

Told you it was awesome.

Also on the subject, I remember the video game wars topic you started a while back, and I said that Microsoft was gonna overcharge for X-Box, and look here, I was right! $300 for it? All it really does that Gamecube doesn't is connect to the internet. Gamecube rules.

Re: I got a Nintendo Gamecube.. by BReNt at 11/25/01 8:05:38 PM

Yes, yes you did. But I never said it wasn't going to be. By the way. I'm almost done with Luigi's Mansion, I'd stick with the score of 9 out of 10. I rented both Madden 2002 and All Star Baseball 2002, Madden has GREAT graphics and good gameplay, Baseball has bad graphics but fun Gameplay. And as for Rogue Leader, it's still the great game as I said it was, the thing is that I just can't beat the third level ( Battle of Hoth). I can't get those harpoons on the Damn AT ATs. Mnenomic, can you give me some tips? And as for Matt (P squared) , why haven't you been online lately?