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What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 11/19/01 at 6:23:48 PM
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I always try to watch the Macy's parade and of course eat. We have about 9 people over and we have all the traditional Thanksgiving stuff.

Re: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? by Rickyswmn at 11/20/01 9:22:53 AM

We have the traditional dinner every year but, I have to have some mashed turnips just for myself because, No one else in my house likes them,lol.Dinner is not going to be the same this year for me though :( .I am having problems with my Gall bladder and will not be able to eat any desserts or fatty foods.The other big tradition that is a favorite of mine is watching Santa Claus is coming to town(We have the tape)shortly after dinner with my little guy.He falls asleep about half way through it every year,lol.


Re: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition? by Streaker Streaker Profile at 11/20/01 11:06:40 AM

Thanksgiving is the one haoliday that my family always gathers for no matter what else is going on. We usually have about 15-20 people for the traditional dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Then on Friday we all go to another family member's house for gumbo. That's a tradition my Mom and my Aunt started about 20 years ago. Traditional turkey dinner on Thursday at one house and gumbo on Friday at another house.