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Meteor shower 11/18

Posted: 11/18/01 at 5:34:56 AM
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I think there may not be a lot but a few that may share my interest in astronomy and appreciate the buzz I felt watching this sky show (like the first ride on Nitro or other new hypercoaster). There was some hype in the news media and like Nitro, I was not disappointed! I live in a semi rural area in NJ with no bright lights. Went out in the backyard at 4 AM and meteors were about 1 per minute. By 4:45 these pups were phlying at about 1 per 5 seconds average with some bursts of 3 per second lasting about 10 seconds and thats considering being able to watch about 1/5 of the sky at one time. Most of these were bright green streaks leaving glowing trails that lasts 2 seconds. Occasionally a very bright one streaks by and leaves a glowing smoke trail, like the space shuttle launches, that lasts over a minute. Just for perspective, I would see a meteor every 10-15 minutes while stargazing on an ordinary night. I recognized a few head-ons since they did not streak but looked like small bright explosions or a bright "blink" in one spot in the sky. Only 3 superbright fireballs in the hour though. I was getting cold and it seemed to peak about 4:45 so I called it a night at 5:15. In all, a unique and great show that (at least for me) worth getting up that early for. Cya -Emil-

Re: Meteor shower 11/18 by comet3506 at 11/18/01 9:26:52 PM

Emil I personally am not all that much into astonomy (weather is my interest), however my father is. I donno if he got up for the event at 4am, but we were watching them around 12:30 to 1 and saw a few fly by. It was a pretty cool, it was the first time I had seen a meteor shower. I wish I had gotten to see the major shower.


Re: Meteor shower 11/18 by Coasternut at 11/19/01 5:30:44 PM

It was pretty good here in Atlanta.We watched for around an hour and saw well over 100.Not too bad with all the lights we have around here.

Re: Meteor shower 11/18 by Sly at 11/20/01 3:46:48 PM

I was working a side job delivering newspapers in a rural area with hardly any lights and the show was fanatastic. Around 4am, I was seeing them at a rate of 1 per 3-5 seconds. I had a large interest in Astronomy as a kid especially after witnessing the total solar eclipse in the Pacific northwest back on February, 1979, but now it's more of a closet interest. My mother in law bought my son a telescope with a television connection for Christmas. I can't wait to use it (LOL)


Re: Meteor shower 11/18 by Zimm at 11/21/01 1:38:07 PM

I live in Northern VA around 45 minutes west of Washington D.C. Unfortunately there was some fog which really limited what I could see. Me and my wife saw maybe 15 or so meteors in 30 minutes. I liked the ones that had the green glowing trails. I only saw like 2 of them, but they were really neat.


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