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What do you think of baseball getting rid of 2 teams?

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 11/14/01 at 10:21:45 PM
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I really don't think this is a good idea but I looks like it is possible it will happen. Who will be the teams. Montreal looks like they will go and Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Florida andOakland also have been rumored. I feel for the fans of these teams. Minnesota seemed doomed because the owner stands to make a lot of money is they fold. It will be interesting to see what happens.
For Montreal it may be hello Six Flags! Goodbye Expos!

Re: What do you think of baseball getting rid of 2 teams? by Pantera Psycho at 11/15/01 11:18:51 PM

I am actually for it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge baseball fan (which is actually one of the reasons I'm for it), and I do feel bad taking teams away from some cities, but look at how diluted talent has gotten in baseball over the past 30 years or so, since they started really going at it with the expansion teams. Many of the players who are in the major leagues would be playing single a ball 30 years ago, stuff like that, I think you all get what I'm saying. Also, baseball is a business, and if certain sections of a business don't start to produce what they should, that section will be eliminated, and most workers are reassigned to different sections of the business, and there are a few that lose their jobs. That's just how it is, I don't like the thought of any cities losing their teams or anything like that, but if it should happen, it should happen.

Re: Which teams should go? by Raptor Timmy at 11/16/01 3:09:01 PM

Montreal and Tampa Bay are my choices and move the Marlins to the Orlando area.

Re: Which teams should go? by comet3506 at 11/17/01 2:56:30 AM

I think montreal and minnesota should go. The thing with the marlins is they need thier own stadium thats more equiped to baseball. For some reason I am a marlins fan. I liked them from day one. I disagree with moving them to Orlando too small an area, its basically a tourist area not enough to support a baseball team, if moved they should go to jacksonville.


Re: Which teams should go? by Pantera Psycho at 11/18/01 1:40:21 AM

I agree with moving the Marlins to Orlando, look at what happened when the NBA got an expansion team known as the Magic in Orlando, it's safe to say that they haven't failed in the money department, and I don't think a baseball team would either. I think the answer to some of the teams would be to move them, but some of them are beyond the help they need. It'd over for the Expos, no way around that, and as far as the other team, I'm saying the Twins or Devil Rays, probably Devil Rays mostly because of the lack of history and not too many fans seemed to care for them ever in the first place, because they've never had big crowds at their games since they first started, and their stadium is pretty bad too, and it's not old enough to just go out and build a new one.