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movie/tv/ music stars you think will NOT be "famous" much longer?

tanner m.
Posted: 11/11/01 at 10:03:13 AM
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A group of us at work had this conversation recently, of all the movie stars, tv & music stars too, which ones do you see fading into the sunset soon? As in those down to 14 minutes of their 15 minutes of fame.

Most of my co-workers say Backstreet Boys and N Sync.
I did hear that the N'Sync movie DID bomb at the box office ( it only played for a week here ) but I think those 2 bands will be around for another year or two.
At least they are ( I have to admit ) being allowed to "grow up" like getting tattoed, smoking Marlboros, cuss, talk sex ect.. Unlike many teen stars of the past. Michael J. Fox for example was a chain smoker when he did Back to the Future/ Family Ties but one didnt see photos of that because both Fox ( and NBC/ agent) didnt alow it. Nowadays who would care!!

My picks for stars with a limited future....
Jerry Springer & Maury Povich !! Their shows ARE getting old. Trailer park "trash" and wild teenage girls or my favorite " who is the daddy of my baby".
Besides here both shows are airing after midnight ( far cry from daytime )on tv and that is usually is a sign of..well cancelled !!!

Anne Heche is another one who I believe is down to her last days as a "star".I read her book is not selling very well, plus it would not surpirse me that she hooked up/broke up with Ellen D., got married and now expecting a baby all for the sake of publicity. What IS sad about this is that many religious groups are turning Heche into a "role model" to prove that gays can change. Makes me wonder if they ever heard of the word "bisexual"?

Re: movie/tv/ music stars you think will NOT be "famous" much longer? by Johnny Mnemonic at 11/11/01 11:16:29 PM

Jennefer Lopez. When are people going to realize that this woman has no talent, can't sing and is nothing more than an opportunist and an empty headed poser.

Re: movie/tv/ music stars you think will NOT be "famous" much longer? by Pantera Psycho at 11/12/01 3:23:04 AM

I don't see Brittany Spears lasting much longer. Not because this is what I want, but her popularity is already falling as she's been less in the news lately than ever, and also, she's been going for 3-4 years already, so in pop music, unless you're Madonna, that means you only have a year or two left. I do see the boy bands falling down soon, Backstreet Boys are already fading away, and n'sync I believe will follow in the distance. Remember, it was when guys like New Kids On the Block got caught doing stuff not deemed acceptable by society (okay, I agree that crime isn't acceptable too), that their popularity began to falter, and that's comparable to the growing up thing. As far as TV goes, I wouldn't plan on seeing Cheri Oteri much longer, she left SNL before last season, and actually, I haven't heard of her since, I did think she was funny though. Same goes with Tim Meadows. He'll probably be a small part of entertainment, but never what he was before with the Ladies Man and stuff like that.

Re: movie/tv/ music stars you think will NOT be "famous" much longer? by Raptor Timmy at 11/12/01 8:18:09 PM

I think N'Sync and the boy bands don't have much of a life span anyways. Teenage girls grow up and move on. Madonna has stayed famous because she has allowed herself to evolve and reinvent herself. The Beatles lasted because the music was superb and they were creative geniuses. Britney Spears may stand a chance because she is trying but I am not sure the talent is there.
But most of today's celebrities have a difficult time because there is so much media and entertainment out there. When I was in high school cable meant about 13 channels and today nearly 20 years later our local cable is about 55 channels.
Also 9/11 has had an affect. For the time being we may see a suspension of "I am famous because I slept with so and so" type of celebrity.