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Simpsons Halloween Special 12 Review

Posted: 11/7/01 at 5:12:00 PM
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In case anyone didn't know, I'm a huge Simpsons fan. And I decided to write reviews for the new epsidoes. Last night, a Fox Special which was the 12th annual simpsons halloween special ( out of 12 seasons)and the first episode of the season( the actual season premiere is that Simpsons start in November nowadays and not September the Halloween Speical always comes first). First of all, the critics calling this the worst Simpsons Halloween episode have no idea what they're talking about. IMO, it was much better than the ones in the past few years (those are all good though). The first skit of the episode was about Homer, who trashes a Fortune Teller's place on accident, and then the Fortune Teller curses the ones Homer loves. For example, later Marge grows a beard, Barts neck twists and eventually dies, half of Lisa turns into a horse, Lenny and Carl get hit by a helcopter while inside Moe's, etc. It was very funny, especailly the leprechan part

"Get Up you Lazy drunk"-To the Leprechan

The second skit was just as good as the first. When the Simpsons convert there house into a giant computer which operates the whole house, meaning no housework for Marge. They program it to have Pierce Brosnan's voice, and then everything is good until he starts to like Marge and tries to kill Homer. Homer survives, and then destroys it. But it still works, but he gives it to no other than Patty and Selm.a.

The last skit was the least greatest,but still had some funny part. Springfield Elementray is a Whizard School, and Lisa is a genius when it comes to whizards, she can perform anything on anything.
Jealous Bart meets Mr. Burns, who is the #1 whizzard,and sets him in a plot to trick Lisa in a magic play which she had her magic wand and a Dragon, but the wand was fake (the part bart was inovled in) Mr Burns then comes as a Giant trying to steal Lisa's power away, but of course, Bart feels bad and comes to help her. Pretty decent

"Dying tickles!"-Ralph

Here are my overall thoughts:

The Good: This episode was the best halloween special in years. Because all 3 parts were ALMOST equal, unlike the last few years, when certain skits kill other's.

The Bad: It still wasn't as good as some of the others (of course) such as the sixth ( Advertisements Terrorize Springfield, Groundskeeper Willie kills kids in their dreams, homer falls in the twilight zone), fourth (Homer sells his soul for a donut, Mr Burns tunrs into a vampire, Bart discovers a monster on the bus) or Third ( a Krusty the Clown doll tries to kill homer, Homer is King Kong, Zomies terrorize springfield) version of the Halloween Episodes. And, for the second year in a row, Kang and Kodus were only in afew seconds of it! When is there going to be another story about Kang and Kodus again?

Overall Score: 8/10

Take it Easy (DACIR)


Sorry I meant 12th out of 13 seaons n/m by BReNt at 11/7/01 5:17:41 PM

Re: Simpsons Halloween Special 12 Review by Masher at 11/7/01 11:15:53 PM

The 1st one had me rolling, ROTFL! Although the last two were good they were clearly lacking the belly laughs. 1st time I have watched the Simpson's in possibly a year, what the hells up with that!

Re: Simpsons Halloween Special 12 Review by ray p at 11/8/01 7:23:26 AM

I was not totally impressed with the special, but it wasn't altogether bad either. Some of the funniest parts were definitely Ralph Wiggum, Yoda marrying the leprechaun and fortune teller ("Pronounce you husband and wife I do..."), Lenny and Karl getting crushed by a helicopter and then deciding who should die first (I love Lenny and Karl!), and the extremely disturbing bit where Smithers (as "Slithers") swallowed a dead Mr. Burns and said "Even in death we'll be together, sir". That Smithers....

Overall, I'd say a 6/10 is a fair score.

ray p.