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Voting, an American Right, a Personal Issue

Posted: 11/6/01 at 11:12:17 PM
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I had to vote yesterday on a Governor. My choice was between an even more conservative one than Christine T. Whitman or a Democrat that has ties to Unions and especially my own Union.

Almost 5 years ago I had to vote for a contract that took away 8 Holidays, not paid but time and a half days and a 12% pay cut, otherwise Whitman wanted to privatize the positions. The republican canidate was even more conservative than Whitman, and so even more a danger.

This was the first time I ever voted with my pocketbook and not on issues. The good was that the issues were on the minus side with the Republican and on the plus side with the Democrat. But I still voted with my income in mind, and probably would have regardless of any issues. Yet I feel no shame in this either, I will vote for what I always feel will benefit me and the most people around me. My idea, when voting, is that the canidates will represent not all of America, but those that will represent the local area the best. When it gets to a national thing, I expect my canidates to fight for my area, yet work with the others that represent everyone and work all the kinks out.

Got any other ideas?


Re: Voting, an American Right, a Personal Issue by Etaylor at 11/7/01 11:54:34 PM

I don't know about voting. I always vote because everyone says that I should, but I get tired of having to settle for candidates that don't give a #!$& about me or anything that any American cares about. I listen to whomever is running talk about issues they say they care about, and then we never see any results. I'm tired of having candidates from "the club" especially for president. All they seem to really care about is lining their pockets and getting recognition.
I hate to be this negative, but I'm feeling it more and more since Sept. 11th. I feel very bad for the families that lost loved ones in the horrors of that day. I can't help but wonder what we did to piss off someone badly enough to do such a horrible thing. Unfortunately, you and I will never know the real answer to that.
As for your situation, Ed, I'm glad that you actually had a good reason to go and vote. Did your candidate win? Do you believe it will really make a difference?

I'm only 26 and I'm already extremely disheartened by government and politics everywhere in the world. The more I learn and the less idealistic I become, the more I'm filled with disgust and loathing. I wish I had enough money to do something. That's really what it's all about, money. I think that's sad.