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Arizona blew it

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 11/2/01 at 1:00:38 PM
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The Yankees will win it again but the Diamondbacks did have their chances

Series isn't over yet. by gracie_0801 at 11/2/01 7:47:29 PM

Re: Your right about that! by Johnny Mnemonic at 11/4/01 12:29:13 PM

Anyone watch last night's game??? :)

Re: Your right about that! by Pantera Psycho at 11/4/01 3:34:25 PM

Very good game, alright Arizona, just one more game like that and you've won it all.

Also, how about tonight's pitching matchup, there aren't many games you could see with a matchup like Roger Clemens vs. Curt Schilling, just hope that Roger doesn't throw at anyone's head in this game. Still though, both league's likely Cy Young award winners pitching in a game 7 of the world series, that's just plain flat out awesome.

Re: Nope, Arizona WORLD CHAMPIONS! :) by Johnny Mnemonic at 11/4/01 11:11:21 PM

No more Yankee dy-NASTY, the D-backs win! :)

Re: I was wrong but boy am I glad I was by Raptor Timmy at 11/6/01 5:04:13 PM

I really didn't think Arizona could do it but they did. The bottom of the ninth waqs very exciting. I am sorry but not even the sad events of 9/11 can make me a Yankees fan.