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Favorite CNN personality

Raptor Timmy
Posted: 11/1/01 at 5:16:12 PM
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I like Larry King sometimes and I used to like Lynn Russell on Headline News but I think she quit.
Also they used to have a weekly travel show but I havn't heard of it lately.

Re: Favorite CNN personality by Coasternut at 11/1/01 6:24:42 PM

Lynn Russell did quit.She guest hosted a talk show here in Atlanta a couple of months ago and talked about it.She also said she is in negotiations with Playboy about a pictorial.Not sure how thats going.It is hard to believe she is in her 50`s.I miss seeing her pretty face on CNN.

Re: Rudi Bakhtiar :) by Memphomaniac at 11/2/01 12:08:14 AM

Re: Favorite CNN personality by Coaster Zeke at 11/4/01 5:31:56 PM

My favorite has always been Jeff Flock. I think that's how his last name is spelled, but not sure. He's always right out in the middle of anything that happens. For instance, while the Weather Channel's Jim Cantore reports from the beach as a hurricane approaches, but heads for high ground long before landfall, CNN's Jeff Flock will be reporting right out in the middle of the SOB as it makes landfall. He's couragous & not afraid to take chances. Also remember....It was in the spring of "98" on memorial day that he was reporting from CP & rode all of the major coasters & Power Tower & topped it all off with a flight on Ripcord.

Coaster Zeke

Re: Favorite CNN personality by Pantera Psycho at 11/5/01 1:16:48 PM

I don't watch CNN much at all due to advise from a hero, but is Paula Zahn on CNN? If so, then it's her, because she graduated from the same high school I graduated from.

Re: Favorite CNN personality by allenki72 at 11/10/01 10:10:55 PM

Yes, Paula Zahn is now on CNN, after defecting from the bettter (in my opinion) Fox News Channel. I also like Bill Hemmer, who graduated in 1983 from Elder High School right here in Cincinnati!
As for Fox, Tony Snow graduated from Princeton (HS, Cinti) in the same class as my dad's, in 1973.

Then again, as for the networks, the two have different purposes... While people tune to CNN for fast breaking news, they prefer to watch Fox for in-depth topics.